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For Bridge Designs that are mostly straight, or slightly curved with a large radius of curvature, it is appropriate to consider a plane frame (2D) model for time dependent analysis. For this type of structure and analysis, IDS provides Bridge Designer II.

Our new Bridge Designer II version 4 was conceived specifically to provide a time simulation of construction stages for concrete pre/post-tensioned structures. The analysis provided by Bridge Designer II is adequate for concrete segmental bridges built in cantilever or span-by-span (or any other construction method), concrete cable-stayed bridges as well as composite structures.

Bridge Designer II Version 4 Key Features:

Time Dependent Analysis of Concrete Segmental Bridges

Free yourself from tedious manual computations.  Create an accurate time-dependent simulation with detailed unlimited construction sequence.  Quickly evaluate deflections and stress redistributions in accordance with your specific design code, and refine your design of structures that will withstand the effect of time.

3D Post-Tensioning Layout

Efficiently conceive a three-dimensional post-tensioning layout.  Simulate stressing, de-stressing, re-stressing an grouting of tendons in your construction stages, and quickly optimize tendon paths evaluating primary vs. secondary effects, factoring PT forces accordingly in service.

Cable-Stay Bridge Non-Linear Analysis

Tackle complex cable-stay bridge construction sequence – stressing, de-stressing or re-stressing stays by force or elongation.  BD2 handles the variations of cable stiffness due to sags automatically, as well as the effect of girder and pylon deformation on stay forces.

Differential Creep and Shrinkage in Composite Structures

Design spliced-girder bridges with longer span lengths using precast components performing an exact time-dependent analysis of differential creep and shrinkage redistributions.

Temperature Effects (Linear and Non-Linear Gradients)

Design bridge structures according to service code, taking into account deflections and stresses generated by non-linear thermal gradients.

Parametric Bridge Models

Optimize your bridge design, automatically generating variable parametric cross-section transverse geometry and properties for a complete speedy evaluation of final deflections and stresses.  The section generator automatically creates the transverse geometry of cross-sections for accurate evaluation of thermal gradients according to your service code.

Customizable Service Module (AASHTO, LRFD, BS5400, IRC6, etc..)

Quickly and accurately create live-loads and moving loads combinations according to country service code for optimum behavior and stresses in service.

  • Advantages
  • Mature products on the market for more than a decade – used in North America, Europe, Middle-East and Asia
  • Brand new "wizard-driven" user interface Very easy to use after a brief training periodBest Value on market Excellent Support and Long Track RecordWidely usedLive Load Generator and Flexible code check (AASHTO, BS5400, LRFD)
  • Has achieved a level of standard such that users group may exchange model files with a consistent format



Prestigious, well-know Clients

Parsons Brinckerhoff


Freyssinet International

J Muller International




Louis Berger International

Weidlinger and Associates

Gannett Flemming

TY Lin International

SNC Lavalin

Buckland & Taylor


Washington Group

States of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Nevada and Minnesota

Rizzani de Eccher






Large Projects

Sunshine Skyway - Florida

Sidney Lanier - Georgia

Bangkok SES

Prince Edward Island Bridge – Canada

Benicia Martinez – California

Maumee River Bridge – Ohio

Sunga Prai – Malaysia

Hodariyat Bridge _ UAE

Vivekananda Second Crossing – India

Palm Beach International Airport – Florida

Railway to Jerusalem Bridge 8 – Israel

SR125 Otay River Crossing – California USA

Roslyn Viaduct – New York

Victory Bridge – New Jersey

Folsom Dam Bridge – California

Crosstown Bridge – Minnesota

St Anthony Falls 35W Bridge – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Memorial Causeway – Tampa Florida


And many more..




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